Automatic Soap Dispenser mit Wandhalterung -FINEO- Satellite



Plastic coated

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 FINEO – The dispenser holds up to 260 ml, which guarantees longer use without refilling. Thanks to a smart magnetic attachment, the wall-mounted models are easily removable, ensuring quick filling and easy cleaning. Labelling rings are integrated so that soap and disinfectant dispensers are not confused. Thanks to the well thought-out and reduced design, it is possible to remove the labelling ring and use the dispenser without the ring. Available in different colours with different functions.
The On/Off button lights up white when touched, indicating that the dispenser is ready for use. A sensor triggers a dispensing action when the palm of the hand is positioned under the spout. The nozzles are perfectly matched to soap or disinfectant and prevent unintentional dripping and soiling of the washbasin. An orange light indicates low battery power at an early stage. Charging is done via a charging cable with a magnetic connection. By pressing the On/ Off button again, the dispenser can be switched off to save energy. This is indicated by a brief red flashing light.

* Color:Satellite
* Material:Plastic coated
* Height:175 mm
* Width:130 mm
* Length:70 mm


We recommend washing for this item. 

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