Iced Tea Maker -TEA-JAY-



Stainless steel matt, glass clear, silicone

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 The purist design of this Iced Tea Maker provides a visual highlight for every set table. It’s simple to use so you can quickly and easily prepare ice tea to your own taste. Depending on the recipe, you can fill the glass carafe with ice, delicious fruits, fresh juice, water or syrup. The matt stainless-steel top has an integrated filter in which you can brew whichever flavour of tea you choose. After your tea has finished brewing, just twist the top of the filter to pour hot tea over the ingredients, which is then immediately cooled. This step of the preparation can be performed right in front of your guests, as the tea is served straight from the carafe, and the tealeaves can be disposed of later.

Material:Stainless steel matt, glass clear, silicone
Height:300 mm
Width:95 mm
Length:95 mm
Size:800 ml

The glass body can be washed in the dishwasher. The attachment should be washed by hand. 

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